Ionian Imports

importer and retailer
carpets, rugs and tapestries
garden tools (chainsaws & lawn mower)



We are importing our carpets directly from the manufacturers all around the world. This direct import and our orders volume allow us the advantage of keeping prices as low as it gets together with the highest quality.


Suppliers Network

We held suppliers from all over the globe. We have carefully chosen them after deep research and our visit to their facilities. With the majority we keep long term cooperation based on high quality products, traditional way of producing and the competitive prices.


B2B Wholesale

If you are active on this business and you are seeking for a steady and convenient provider who will supply you with a high quality products in the most competitive prices then please contact us. We can provide carpets and garden tools in Greece, Cyprus and wider Balkan area as well.

What we offer

our presence in this market for decates and our globe suplliers network guarantee the quality of our products.
The majority of our carpets are unique in Greek market and they distinguish for their high aesthetic.
But of course our models are additionaly being offered in the most competitive prices



We are not negotiating our quality! We can guarantee that your carpet will stay like brand new as time goes by. Beside for the carpets adorers we have models made from silk, from kashmir even completely handmade ones.



The economical situation for the majority of people is difficult and we completely understand that. This is why we are trying hard to keep our prices in the lowest level. In addition we also offer payment facilities like pay in interest free installments.



Among our models you will certainly find some pieces that some centuries ago would be only in palaces or in nobles houses. These are carpet masterpieces with shapely designs; light colors; excellent texture & unique weave.



Our model range includes traditional rugs that are inspired from the Eastern culture and unique art but also modern carpets as well. We are ready to satisfy every taste and aesthetic aproach.


Visit Us!

It will be great pleasure and honor for us if you visit our store which is located in Ioannina town center in the heart of town's traditional market (Anexartisias 29).
Beside the opportunity to meet each other you will be also able to admire our unique models and catch some special details like the sense of texture touch that is impossible to be caught from a photographer lens.

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